Saturday, January 24, 2009

J & R Manufacturing

Like many bbq enthusiasts, I've spent the last few years dreaming, thinking, and researching different types of equipment to use in a future bbq restaurant. I've always thought Ole Hickory to be the gold standard as far as bbq restaurant equipment goes, but the more I explore the offerings from J & R Manufacturing, the more I think I might change my mind.

They make three types of bbq smoker ovens:

The Little Red Smokehouse
The Oyler Pit
The Smokemaster Convection Oven

The pits are wood fired with electric assist available to add consistency, predictability, and to reduce costs. According to their website, the electric assist also will not taint the taste of food like a gas assist pit will.

The pits are NSF and UL listed. And, they also have an impressive listing of professional chefs and bbq restaurants that use their wood fired pits.

I've not seen one up close yet, but I want to. I see that Jimbo's Pit Barbecue in Lakeland, FL uses one. I might have to make a road trip soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey BBQ! I just picked up your blog off of a feed. Good subject. I just picked up a used J&R this week for our new BBQ Joint. I have had great Que from several restaurants in my end of the country who use J&Rs. Probably the most likely for your readers to visit is the year-old "R.U.B." in Las Vegas at the Rio. The Baron of BBQ Paul Kirk's 2nd RUB (Righteous Urban Barbecue) after the success of his New York location has 6 J&Rs to my recollection when I was there a year ago. I was fortunate enough to meet Pitmaster "Skip" who showed us around. These units have a capacity of 600 lbs, so with 6 units you can image the amount of REAL BBQ they plan on feeding to the masses there in Sin City.
Smokin' Steve Simi Valley

Chris said...

I respect you, Brian. I don't think I'd ever have the kahoonas to try to open up a q joint.

Sukkertand said...

Good reading, i am opening a Q joint in Denmark so i am looking in to what equipment might be best for me. The Little Red Smokehouse from J&R holds a lot of meat and dos not require a lot of space, good for me since my kitchen is rather small. Also good Q has to be made with a wood burning smoker, gas just won't give you that money making flavor. Thinking about getting a new one from J&R but would be interested in a used one also - so if anyone has one contact me on :)

itaintrightifitdonttakeallnight said...

Howdy, got a J&R 250rsf. My buddy thinks its junk. I think its a damn good machine. We spent a pretty penny on it. I want to start it up and smoke ribs to prove its ability but I have no idea what the first steps are. No step by step anywhere?? Can anyone please help?

itaintrightifitdonttakeallnight said...

Just picked up the rsf250. Buddy thinks we bought a hunk of complicated junk. I think its an AWESOME machine!! I want to smoke ribs and prove it. Can anyone help in finding of a step by step guide online about starting/using it??