Monday, September 07, 2009

BBQ Pork with Bad Byron's Butt Rub

Sunday I cooked some pork for sandwiches later in the week. I forgot to take a picture after we pulled these, but here is a picture from early in the cooking process.
I injected these the night prior to cooking with a mixture of apple juice (4 cups), bbq rub (4 tblsp), and 3/4 cup of honey. I applied a liberal coating of rub and refrigerated overnight.

BBQ Sauce and Rub

I usually don't like Mesquite flavored bbq sauce (middle), but this Pendleton sauce is pretty good. Papa Jake's (right) is good on steaks and I had some yesterday on some buffalo burgers. The mesquite flavor complimented the steaks well.
I haven't tried the other Pendleton sauce in this picture (left), but I cooked 12 lbs of pork butts and have at least 9 lbs of pulled pork vacuum sealed in the freezer for sandwiches later this week.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hot Rod BBQ Grill

The photograph of this "grill" was taken at the NHRA O'Reilly Auto Parts Nationals in Madison, IL a few years ago.

BBQ and drag racing....what a great country we live in.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Grilled Steak

Tonight I grilled a New York strip steak and a rib-eye from Carlton Farms.

The steaks arrived via UPS delivery last Saturday. They spent the week in the freezer and thawed in the refrigerator yesterday. Today I rubbed them with Papa Jake's Best in the Northeast Gourmet BBQ Spice (also from Carlton Farms).

A good rule of thumb for applying rubs to steaks is to marinate them 1 - 1 1/2 hours per pound, depending on the rub you're using. If your rub is hot, then the longer you marinate the hotter things will probably get. If you have a salty rub, then the salty flavor will probably be stronger the longer you marinate. Papa Jake's ingredients include salt, cracked black pepper, dried garlic, allspice, and mace.

The Carlton rib-eye was perfectly marbled, which made it extremely easy to grill. The New York strip was loaded with flavor. The rib-eye I received was a little larger, but according to their website the steaks are approximately 16 ounces.

I mean it when I say this....these were the best steaks I've ever eaten!