Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hog Wild and Pig Crazy FBA Event

Congratulations to Swamp Boys, Jack's Old South and for strong showings at the FBA event in Lake City, FL this weekend. With 42 teams on hand, it sounds like everyone was up against some pretty stiff competition.

It looks like Swamp Boys are a definite threat to win at any event they enter these days. As always, Jack's Old South and were consistently in the top of the four primary FBA categories at this event. Way to go Rob, Kevin and Myron.

You can see the complete listing of results and the Team of the Year standings at the FBA website.

Jack's Old South featured in Washington Post

Sunday's edition of the Washington Post has an article about the Jack Daniel's bbq cook-off featuring Myron Mixon of Jack's Old South.

It's a longish article written by Steve Hendrix, but very entertaining. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or new to the sport, I think the article presents bbq as a serious sport.

I've never eaten any of Myron's bbq at his restaurants, but I've cooked against him Florida Barbeque Association competitions in Sebring and Minneola, FL among others and at the Lakeland Pig Fest and admire his ability to win bbq contests. He's got a definite knack for what bbq judges are looking for.

Check out the article and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Time to Tune-up Your Charcoal Grill

Our recent move to Florida wreaked havoc on our charcoal grill. It needs some major attention, not to mention a good cleaning. When the movers pulled it off the truck it was missing a leg and the lid didn't really fit any longer. It was quite a sight.

For the majority of folks grilling season is just around the corner. Your grill may not be quite as bad as mine now is, but just in case your grill needs some attention I've put together a resource list for replacement grilling parts. Whether you need replacement wheels, lids, handles, or hubcaps, you can probably find what you need from the Weber or Charbroil web sites below.

Weber Replacement Parts
Gas grills, charcoal grills, water smokers, water pans, charcoal grates.
Brinkman Replacement Parts
Water pans, temperature gauges, heating elements, trays, grates, racks.
Charbroil Replacement Parts
Wire brushes, grill covers, gas grill elements, cleaning liquids, some off-set smoker stuff too.

Don't forget to clean your grates, empty the ash pans, and give your grill an overall cleaning before you fire it up this spring. You never know what kind of "critters" may have taken refuge in there during the cold weather months.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Stainless Steel Rotisserie

I received an e-mail from the folks over at E-Z Que, Inc. today asking me to take a look at their rotisserie products.

I regularly receive e-mails announcing new bbq products and web sites about bbq products. Some of them I mention here on the blog and some I do not. After reviewing the products on the E-Z Que web site, I feel impelled to provide more information about their rotisseries. The company promotes rotisseries for activities ranging from camping to catering and everything in between.

Hobo Rotisseries
Kettle Rottisseries
Commercial Rotisseries
Rotisserie Motors

According to their web site, the folks at E-Z Que have been making rotisseries for 25-years. I don't know if it's available for purchase or not, but they once cooked 1,200 lbs of meat on a rotisserie all at one time.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hogwild BBQ

I ran across a new bbq blog today that focuses on backyard bbq: Hogwild BBQ

I'm definitely going to try the maple bourbon pork chop recipe. The web site has information about cooking with Weber grills and the Chargriller Smokin' Pro with plenty of pictures.

Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Smokin' On the Sus-Que-Hanna"

With the slow mail forwarding process because of our temporary housing status we just got the information about that the Mid Atlantic BBQ Association is having a BBQ Convention and Trade Show on April 18-21, 2007 in Lancaster, PA. It sounds like an informative and fun event for all that love BBQ and BBQ Competition.

The exposition is open to all persons having an interest in BBQ. There will be eight basic seminars: "How to Build a Winning Competition Team", "How to Compete for FREE:... Almost!", "MEAT! Basic cuts & Pig-stuffing", "How to Take Your Sauce and Rub Ideas to a Finished Product", "Prepare and Serve it Safely", "Organize and Run A Successful BBQ Cook-Off", "So You Want to Open a BBQ Joint: Carryout or Eat-In"," BBQ Does Not Have to Have an Off-Season"(Personally after living in Michigan I agree with this one). For more information visit or call MABA Headquarters 877-457-8418.

The BBQ Wife and I would be there if it wasn't for the fact that we are now relocated to Sunny Florida and already have a schedule of guests to come visit during April. So my cookers will be fired up to feed and entertain the vacationers.

Good luck to the Mid Atlantic BBQ Association if any of you guys attend please post how it turned out and share pictures if you want.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Okeechobee FBA Event

Linda and I drove over to the 5th Annual Top of Lake BBQ Cookoff this morning and visited with old FBA friends. Most of the teams have upgraded their cookers and other equipment since we last competed in FBA, but some of the cookers are "oldies but goodies" and still in use.

We couldn't stay until the awards, but if history proves correct I'll put my money on, Florida Cracker and Dr. BBQ.

We look forward to getting back on the Florida BBQ Trail in a few months.