Friday, June 07, 2013

BBQ Hot Dogs Anyone?

I know it's not the type of traditional bbq that I usually feature on this bbq blog, but I've been craving hot dogs all week. I'm on a quest to find two or three killer ideas for great bbq hot dogs.
One things for sure, I don't like cheap hot dog meat so first things being first I've got to find some quality candidates. I know hot dogs have a bad reputation, but some are made from better ingredients than others. Quality is realative when it comes to hot dogs I'm sure.
Chil or no chili? Beans or no?
Stick with basic ketchup, mustand, relish and onions; or try something more exotic?
These are the questions that have been on my mind all week. I'm open to suggestions, if you care to share.
Check back on Sunday for the three best hot dogs recipes I can find. 
Here's a link to some interesting hot dogs. Most of these are out of my price range today, but some of them lower on the list sound interesting. For this week I think I'm going to stick to some of the more traditional thoughts and visions for bbq hot dogs:  ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, green peppers, banana peppers, jalapenos, sauerkraut, chili, etc.  Linda is going to whip up a chipotle sauce later today to try on our Hebrew National and Kowalski brand dogs that I purchased yesterday.

No artificial flavors, No preservatives, No gluten, No fillers and No by-products

Natural casing hot dogs made locally in Metro Detroit

Hot dogs 4 ways

Hot dog lunch spread
Linda made a tasty relish for the hot dogs. Here's the recipe if you want to try it sometime.
Pickle and Parsley Relish 
(from the July 2013 edition of Woman's Day magazine)
  • 6 halves of sour pickles, chopped
  • 1/2 medium white onion, chopped
  • 3 TBSP whole grain mustard
  • 1/4 cup fresh flat parsley, chopped
 Combine and mix the ingredients to make a relish for your hot dogs.


normy said...

definitely chili and beans.

Anonymous said...

I like to take a good dog, lay it on sliced green peppers and onions in a beer bath. Put it over the heat to poach. Then bring them out to brown for awhile - then back into the pool. Serve when they look - you know, perfect!!! This works on beer brats also.

The BBQ Guy said...

I picked up some Hebrew National all beef and some Kowalski pork and beef hotdogs. I haven't bought hot dogs in quite awhile and the prices for the so called "premium brands" at the Mejier really surprised me.

I also picked up some green peppers, jalapeno, and some buns from the bakery.

I forgot anything to make chili though. I guess I need to see what's in the pantry first.

Anonymous said...

We tried a 1/4 pound bison hot dog and now we are ruined for any other meat dog.

I think I'd try switching up the condiments.
Who says relish must be pickled cucumbers?
perhaps a spaghetti squash relish, or the random fruit relish?
Why must it always be tomato ketchup?
banana? mango, blueberry, pineapple?
Other parts of the world use fruit-based mustards so blueberry, tomato, pear....

The BBQ Guy said...

We love bison burgers, so I am sure a bison hot dog would work for us too. We had a reliable source for bison in Florida, but it's a little harder for us to find locally here in Michigan.

Marc said...

One of my favorites is to wrap bacon around the hot dog, toast the buns slightly and top with sliced avocado (preferably grilled/smoked), Salsa and bit of sour cream.

The BBQ Guy said...

Bacon? Now why didn't I think of that?! Great idea.

Anonymous said...

We discovered our local meat shop has Argentinian Bacon Dogs/sausages. Another dangerously good option.

Anonymous said...

Two of the best dogs:

bbq sauce with coleslaw

chili, cheese, onion, jalapenos, mustard, and guacamole (extra messy)

The BBQ Guy said...

I will vote for using bbq sauce instead of ketchup as long as we realize that bbq sauce does not a bbq make.

Anonymous said...

I have stunned more people by stating that I evaluate bbq-ed proteins by their taste without sauce. Yes, they were soaked in a marinade or rubbed before cooking, but no sauce poured over the protein on my plate.

I've eaten good proteins with bad sauces, good proteins with good sauces, and bad proteins with either type of sauce all as a guest.
It's the protein, not the condiment sauce.

Chris said...

My favorite hot dog will always be the Carolina All The Way dog with chili, onions, slaw, and mustard but I enjoy just about any other style too.

weber gas barbecues said...

A brilliant looking recipe to twist traditional and simplistic hot dogs. Definitely got me salivating. Cannot wait to try this out on my new weber gas barbecue.

Jtrai4911 said...

Always have eaten Sabrette's when I worked in NY. Out in Pa they are hard to find so we only eat either Nathan's or Hebrew Nat'l. A little bit of sweet relish and mustard is all I need.