Friday, March 25, 2011

La Caja China - Semi-Pro Model

I've been following La Caja China roasting boxes online for many years.  Their roasting boxes sure have come a long way since I first read about them.  From a simple wooden box for $199 to a full-fledged catering quality set-up they recently announced for $1,250 - there's a grill for every budget. (The Semi-Pro Model is made from aluminum.) Here's a picture.

This new model has all the same distinct capabilities as the original La Caja China model #2, but an updated sleek look - diamond-cut metal exterior, steel angle legs with powder coating paint and bolt mounted handles - and some new bells and whistles like the drain valve, that makes it even easier to use. Inside measurement of the box 48x24x12, outside measurement of the box 60 l x 25 w x 39 h. weight is 120 lbs.