Thursday, January 08, 2009

First BBQ Contest of 2009 Season

The Florida Barbecue Association is sanctioning the Central Florida BBQ Festival January 9-10, 2009 in Sebring, FL. I might take a drive over on Saturday afternoon and snap a few pictures. With the Swamp Boys winning FBA TOTY and winning the recent FBA Triple Crown Championship in Perry, FL, the Sebring event is shaping up nicely and should be extremely competitive

Linda and I were there several years ago. For Florida, it was cold enough that we had to keep the propane heater on and the sides of the King Canopy tent up the entire weekend.

If you are going to compete in cold weather and don't have an RV or trailer to cook out of, the King Canopy is a good choice. It's best if you have several people to help you put it up and take it down. Two people can manage it o.k. if needed. Linda and I competed with the King Canopy for a year and a half with little trouble. But, it's a bear to take down when it's raining. At the Lakeland Pig Fest we stood in 6 inches of water while packing up. If it's not below 45 degrees, a Caravan or EZ-up works just as well. And they are much, much easier to take down.


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