Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lotta Bull BBQ

You may recognize this RV from NASCAR events on Speed.  I took this picture at the Lakeland Pig Festival.

Tuffy Stone and Cool Smoke

If you watch BBQ Pitmasters on TLC, then you're probably already familar with this cooking team banner. Cool Smoke was set up next to Smokin Triggers at the Lakeland Pig Festival.

Swamp Boys BBQ

Here's a picture of the Swamp Boys cook site at the Lakeland Pig Festival. For those that don't already know, Rob Bagby aka Rub and his Swamp Boys BBQ Team are the reigning Florida Barbecue Association Team of the Year.

Lakeland Pig Festival Pictures

I made a bbq movie from the pictures I took this a.m. at the Lakeland Pig Festival at Tigertown.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lakeland Pig Festival

Who's going to the Lakeland Pig Festival this weekend?  I have an appointment in Plant City in the a.m., but plan to stop by Tiger Town later on.  The weather today was almost perfect for a bbq contest. The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow, but with any luck maybe it'll skip over the bbq contest.  (Maybe I'll see you there.) Here's an event schedule: click here

I remember my last time cooking at Tiger Town - it poured rain right after the awards ceremony. We were standing in 6 inches of water trying to take down our King Canopy. On Tuesday the next week, we purchased a Caravan canopy!  It's much easier to take down a Caravan if you're going to be cooking more than a few bbq contests each year.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Myron Mixon on Late, Late Show

I've never considered placing a disclaimer or parental guidance notice on any of my bbq blog posts - UNTIL NOW. Watch this video at your own risk. I'm not responsible if you laugh so hard you fall out of your chair!

Three cheers for butter and Elvis English!

Bourbon, Beer, and BBQ

Monday, January 25, 2010

Restaurant Start-up for $10?

This news article details a rib joint in Hamilton, OH that was started with $10. Amazing story.

This seems to illustrate that 1) dreams really can come true and 2) I gave up too soon (lol).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Private Label BBQ Sauce

I have had experience with marketing bbq spice rubs for several years. My Southern Rub (our competition brisket rub) was pretty popular and even though it's no longer available for sale, I still get inquiries about it.  Today I was contacted by Ol Gringo Chile Company regarding their private label pepper sauce. It sounds like an interesting program. 

From the Ol Gringo's website:

Our private label program is designed to let every size and type of business easily and profitably promote it's own name on our outstanding products. It get's your name on the finest gourmet salsa, pepper sauces, and spice blends available. All of our products are shipped quickly from the date of the order.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stumps Smokers Stretch Video

Stumps Smokers has added a S-T-R-E-T-C-H 'ed bbq smoker to their line of vertical smokers. This video shows the inside and rack system used for the smoker in more detail than you see on the Stumps website.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Kent Whitaker's Smoke in the Mountains Cookbook

Linda picked up the Smoke in the Mountains Cookbook by Kent Whitaker for me as a Christamas gift. I haven't cooked anything from it yet, but it looks interesting. Anyone else have one?

I like the format of the book. Some of the chapters have a feature write-up about a bbq restaurant on the left hand pages and the right hand pages provide a recipe. There are a lot of grilling recipes and tailgate items too.  Mr. Whitaker was also a winner of the Emeril Live Food Network barbecue contest a few years ago.
I'll try some the grilling recipes and share the results here, but I have to admit that I'm kind of set in my ways for some of the traditional big cuts better suited to low and slow.

One of the pork butt recipes in the book references cooking pork butts to 190 degree internal temperature. I've not had good luck with 190 degree pork butts. I'd recommend wrapping them in foil at 170 degrees or so and cooking them to 198 - 200 degrees. Then they will basically fall apart when you pick them up. It'll save you some chewing and work pulling apart the meat with your hands too. Closer to 190 is a little too "chewy" for me.