Sunday, July 15, 2012

BBQ Appetizers: ABT's

Atomic Buffalo Turds are also known simply at ABT's. ABT's provide a simple-to-make, tasty-to-eat, good-to-look-at treat for backyard pool parties and other similar events. I made ABT's for lunch today.

There are several different versions of ABT's made with peppers. Some versions use cream cheese. Other versions use crumbled up breakfast sausage (pre-cooked of course). Another version that I've made in the past, uses a technique that results in more of a stuffed ABT. The version I made today combined cheddar cheese, little smokies, and good 'ole bacon with traditional jalapenos. If you'd prefer a little less heat, ABT's can also be made from poblano's. If you use poblano's, a stuffed technique with breakfast sausage would work well. (Remember to cook the sausage first.)

Start with a handful of jalepeno's and wash thoroughly

Cut the jalepeno's length wise and scrape out the seeds and ribs

You can leave the seeds and ribs inside, but you'll end up with eye-watering ABT's

I like to use cheddar cheese and little smokies

Wrap tightly with thin sliced bacon and secure with a tooth pick

Place on indirect heat on a smoker or grill at 375 degrees

Cook them for 45 - 50 minutes. Brush them lightly with your favorite bbq sauce.

Tip:  Don't let the bacon grease drip onto your fire. It will cause flare-ups or in some cases a fire that ruins your meal.