Friday, June 04, 2010

Original Charcoal Company Briquettes

I posted this originally a couple of years ago.  I had good results with these Rancher briquettes, but haven't been able to find them since.  I'm pretty sure I got this bag at Wal-Mart, but can't find it locally any more. Has anybody got any suggestions for who might carry this charcoal the Tampa, FL area?

For this bbq blog article, I'm testing some charcoal briquettes from The Original Charcoal Company as I cook a packer brisket purchased from a local butcher shop.
The label says these rancher briquettes are 100% all-natural hardwood briquette charcoal carbon madera which is bound together with yucca starch. The back of the package explains that you get lump flavor, heat, and burn time from a briquette.
When it was available, I used to purchase 40 pound bags of madera lump charcoal from a bbq supplier. I had some very good results with the madera lump in bbq competitions. The burn time was a lot longer than the Royal Oak lump I had been using. I'm expecting the same type of results from the briquettes as compared to Royal Oak briquettes. I guess we'll see how the testing goes and if the madera briquettes continue to be available from my suppliers.
Compared to oak and hickory, I think the madera lump burns even hotter, but I'm not sure I can prove it. I call it the "seat of the pants" testing method, which isn't very sceintific, but most of the time it's the best testing technique a barbecue guy can use...because it's quick, fast, cheap, and easy!


Mike said...

I just ran into this charcoal at the Home Depot. They had a sale going on, 20# for $2.99.

I'm going to try it this weekend.

I'd like to hear your opinion...

The BBQ Guy said...

I actually thought it was fine. I just finished eating the brisket we cooked today and didn't notice any discernable difference pro or con compared to the Royal Oak briquettes we normally use.

Chris said...

We have a hard time getting anything but Cowboy lump around here. I am going to have to bite the bullet and order a few bags from another provider.

Have you ever checked out the Whiz's review site for lump?

It is here: