Saturday, January 20, 2007

Insulated BBQ Smoker

I'm cooking four pork butts today for a friend at work. It's kind of my last bbq hurrah here in this Michigan weather.
When I fired up the smoker at 8 a.m. the outside temperature was 21 degrees. By 9 a.m. my cooker was holding steady temps near the 210 range. That's a testimony to the flexibility insulated bbq cookers provide that the "tank style" offset cookers don't offer.
The picture above was taken in April a couple of years ago with 80 degree temps, but this is the best photograph I have of my insultated smokers.


Anonymous said...

What is the brand name of the smokers you are using?

The BBQ Guy said...

The black one on the left is a bare bones Backwoods Party. The red one on the right is a McCullough 2 x 2 manufactured in New Smyrna FL.