Monday, February 11, 2008

Florida Barbecue Association

The competition at Florida Barbecue Association events is heating up this year.

I’ve noticed a trend during the course of the past few weeks as some well-known KCBS teams have traveled to Florida to compete in a few winter bbq contests. Music City Pig Pals, J-Mack Cookers, Bill & the Dixie Chicks, Smokin’ Triggers, Lotta Bull BBQ, and Jacks Old South have competed head-to-head this winter at contests sanctioned by the FBA and KCBS at events in Lakeland, FL, Sebring, FL, Winter Haven, FL and Felda, FL. The FBA teams are holding their own, and in many cases placing ahead of the KCBS teams that are known on a national level., the perennial FBA powerhouse, has been successful in KCBS events for several years and earned previous births in the American Royal Invitational and Jack Daniels Invitational. If the first few events of the year are any indication, has plenty of competition this year and there is a lot of parity among the Florida teams with the category and event wins spread among more than just a few teams.

And on a separate note….the FBA recently sanctioned a contest in Panama City, Panama with great success.

Three cheers for the FBA!


Chris said...

I'm sure that Kevin will hold his own in any events, KCBS or FBA, but that is some stiff competition!

Miss. Rheingold said...

Are you competing in the Willie Nelson Old Whiskey River Sauce Contest?

The BBQ Guy said...

We're not going to make it this year. It sounds like a nice event.