Saturday, September 16, 2006

Silver Lake Sand Dunes KCBS BBQ Cookoff Results

First of all I'd like to thank the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce, who hosted this 1st year event. I've not spent much time in west-Michigan during my 2-years as a Michigan resident, but after the visit to the Mears area this weekend, I'm sure we'll return.

If this contest is held again next year, we'll definitely compete in this event again.

Overall Results:

Grand Champion--All Day Smoke (596.0002)
Reserve Grand (592.0002)
3rd Place--Pork of the North (590.8566)
4th (588.5720)

1st Place (152.0000)
1st Place (154.2856)
1st Place Pork--Donnies BBQ (153.1430)
1st Place Brisket--All Day Smoke (154.2858)

Michigan Trifecta Final Standings:
(total cumalative score from all 3 Michigan bbq contests held in 2006)

1st Place--Down Home BBQ (1811.999)
2nd (1800.5706)
3rd Place--Pork of the North (1799.9986)


Curt McAdams said...

Great job, Brian, on both the 4th place at Silver Lake and the 3rd in the Trifecta!

The BBQ Guy said...

Thanks Curt. If they have this event next year, you should consider making the trip. It's a really nice venue and community for a cook-off.

Curt McAdams said...

Make that 2nd in the trifecta... you'd think I could read! Even better, and oh so close to 1st!

Silver Lake may be just a bit too far; Grand Rapids was pushing it, but if the conditions are better, this time of year is great for comps, I think.