Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Contest Chicken Turn In Box

Follow-up to Monday's post...

Now that you've had a few days to think about it, I guess I'll go ahead and spill the beans--#2 earned us a first place and contributed to our overall Reserve Grand Champion finish at a Michigan KCBS contest last summer.

It's amazing going back and looking at these pictures again after-the-fact. It just goes to show that appearance counts for more than you think at bbq cook-offs. It only counts for a small portion of the judges score, but it's so competitive that a bad appearance score can kill your finish in the category and hinders you overall performance in the contest.

I think it's best if you appoint someone on your cooking team as the person that prepares the boxes. That way you build consistency into the process. But, in heat of the moment the best laid plans don't always go as anticipated.

Below I have posted a few of our actual turn-in boxes from KCBS events we've competed in during the course of the past two years. I thought it would be fun for readers to guess which of the boxes scored highest with the judges.

Care to weigh in with your opinion?

Some of the pictures are better than others and some images are more crisp and "brighter" than the others, but don't let that sway your opinion unnecessarily. Be sure to take into account the overall layout of the box and dare I say it--the lettuce.

Sample # 1

Sample # 2

Sample # 3

The answer may surprise you.

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Anonymous said...

I guess a brighter sauce is more appealing to the eye than a darker one, eh? :)