Monday, May 14, 2007

Peg Leg Porkers and Martin's BBQ

I featured Martin's BBQ in Nolensville, TN a couple of weeks ago in an article about starting a bbq restaurant from the ground up. Today, Martin's BBQ has gained even more notoriety via an article in Nashville's biggest newspaper, The Tennessean.

Pat Martin has teamed up with Carey Bringle of Peg Leg Porkers to compete in Memphis in May later this month.

Martin and Bringle have been doing practice cooks every night this week to prepare for the contest and with a budget of $16,000, they can afford to. Funding for the team comes from sponsors and from team members who pay $325 for a spot on the team.

I've never competed in a Memphis in May (MIM) contest. I guess I always just assumed that they are priced beyond my bbq budget allowance. Now I know they are. I'll stick to KCBS and FBA.

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Chris said...

Sigh....we were going to do Memphis in May for our first ever BBQ contest (visitor, not participant...of course you would know that:) this year, but my son's school had the audacity to schedule his high school graduation that friday.

Instead, I am volunteering for a local charity BBQ cook off in June (see my most recent entry). It is an amatuer event so I almost entered, but I thought I'd be better off volunteering this year to get some behind the scenes experience.

The BBQ Guy said...

I started off cooking with another team for five or six contests to learn the ropes before venturing out on my own. It helped me learn the basics.

That same team has been Team of the Year in FBA for the past several

In fact, I cooked with Kevin in his first ever bbq contest. He took a 5th place in chicken and has been hooked ever since.

JMc said...

Martin is a close friend of mine and I've got to tell you, his 'que is good stuff. No lie. Go check it out when you're in Nashville.