Saturday, May 26, 2007

Operation BBQ II

Ft. Rucker, AL will host the 2nd annual Above the Best BBQ and Music Festival bbq festival later in 20o7. According to the web site "donations of rubs, sauces, utensils, picnic supplies, music, and other BBQ essentials to create packages to send forward to soldiers currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan so that they too may have a taste of the Above the Best BBQ and Music Festival".

What a great idea. I applaud their efforts. My friend that served three years in South Korea with an Air Defense Battalion used to bbq on the weekends all the time. Based on the primitive conditions he was cooking in, the pictures of the ribs he sent back looked pretty good too.

It doesn't list a date for the Ft. Rucker event, but last year's contest was won by Lotta Bull BBQ with Munchees Smokehouse and Woodhouse Grill finishing 2nd and 3rd overall. Last year's event was KCBS sanctioned, but it appears this years event might be unsanctioned at this point.

This Memorial Day weekend, I'd urge everyone to take a moment and consider those who serve in the armed forces and those who have served previously.

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