Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Martin's BBQ Joint -- BBQ Restaurant

Want to start your own bbq restaurant? Well there's a guy in Nolensville, TN that did it and from the posts on his blog, things are going pretty well.

Martin's BBQ is located at 7215 Nolensville Road Nolensville, TN 37135. My sister-in-law lives just down the road. The next time I'm visiting I simply must stop by and check this place out.

Visit their blog and get the low down on how you can do it too. He doesn't pull any punches about the experience. Check it out!

He pretty much details the entire thought process of opening his new restaurant. From finding a place, buying a cooker, to hiring staff. There's posts about negotiating withe banker, discussion about break even analysis and details about opening day. Interesting reading if you're thinking about opening a bbq joint.

Competition BBQ Secrets


Anonymous said...

When my sister went to try them out, she said it was so busy they decided to go somewhere else. That is always a good sign, at least for the owner, maybe not for the consumer.

Chris said...

I'll have to try them the next time I'm out to Nashville. I am assuming it is near there since the exit I take is Nolensville Pike.

The BBQ Guy said...

It's in the heart of Nolensville. From 840 it's north toward Nolensville about 3 1/2 - 4 miles I think.

Anonymous said...

We drove a bit out of the way to eat at Martin's, and it was the best detour we ever took. The smoked turkey sandwich, pulled pork plate, beans, slaw, and french fries were worth a trip back (which we did.) They serve the BEST barbeque I've ever had; and being from the South, I've had some.