Thursday, May 31, 2007

BBQ Secrets from a World Champion is giving away their bbq secrets in this Chicago Suburban News article.

After winning the Jack Daniels World Championship, people are beginning to listen when Scottie Johnson talks about bbq.

To summarize his prize winning tips:

  • Start with a good cut of meat
  • Cook it consistently
  • Give it some flavor

Johnson recommends Sam's Club for meat purchases and is an advocate of using foil when cooking ribs to retain moisture.

These bbq tips sound pretty simple, but until you put them into consitent practice it's all just a theory. Folks, Scottie Johnson is proof that sometimes it's simple that wins bbq contests.

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Chris said...

The KISS principle in action, huh?

If anyone is reading this from the East TN area, there is still time to register for the Blount BBQ Bash competition. It is amateur teams only so it's a chance to get your feet wet! Plus in addition to you winning cash if you place, a matching amount goes to the charity of your choice!