Saturday, May 26, 2007

Monster Pig

An 11-year old boy killed a 1,051 pound hog near Anniston, AL with eight shots from a .50 caliber handgun. Click here for the complete story.

I've seen a lot of posts on discussion boards about the photograph being a "fake". I guess some folks have come to expect the worst from people, but I never doubted it for a minute. I've been around a lot of pigs in my life and had them for 4-H projects and on the family farm. We never had any that big, but I've seen some 400 pound boars and some maybe a little bigger.

For anyone that doubts the story, the Anniston Star, Fox News, and the taxidermist that mounted the hog for the family have help provide additional creditibility to story.

The boy's father, Mike Stone, estimates the hog will produce between 500 and 700 pounds of sausage.

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Chris said...

I wouldn't touch that meat. Any wild hog or true boar over 200 lbs is not very flavorful, from what I hear. I can only imagine what this hog would taste like.

What I thought was cool was that the kid was tracking and hunting him with a .50 caliber. Most people would stop at a .45acp but the kick from a .50 or .454casull would be very tough on a young man.