Saturday, May 12, 2007

BBQ Sweepstakes

Food Network is sponsoring a bbq sweepstakes.

According to their web site the winner is eligible for a $65,000 cash prize that can be used for a backyard kitchen makeover.

If you had $65,000 for a backyard makeover, what bbq equipment would you purchase?

As for me, I'd purchase one of each of the following for starters:

charcoal fired insulated upright bbq smoker

rotisserie bbq cooker online brochure

pellet smoker with temperature control

So far I haven't spent $20,000 yet. Isn't this fun?

Now if I can just be lucky enough to win!


Chris said...

Wait....this sounds too good to be true, like one of those "If you could marry any celebrity you wanted, who would it be?"

The one wish list item I want right now is a stainless teppanyaki grill so I could cook w/ our natural gas outlet on our deck. The grill I have is ok, but having a teppanyaki grill would be a huge added bonus. I've priced those inserts and they aren't very big.

The BBQ Guy said...

Those are some nice grills. I'd never heard of them before your post, but just checked them out at and agree that they'd be real nice on a backyard patio.