Sunday, May 20, 2007

BBQ Franchise Restaurants

Are you thinking about opening a bbq restaurant? Here's a list of bbq restaurant opportunities for your research.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit franchise
Locations in Texas, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, New Jersey, New Mexico, Tennessee

Bono's Bar-B-Q franchise
Locations in Florida, Michigan and Colorado

Fat Jack's BBQ franchise
Several locations and expanding

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fatguyonalittlebike said...

Hey BBQ man!

I wanted to comment on the Dickey's franchise in Iowa. It's a restaurant masquerading as a BBQ place. They boil their meat! Really. The meat has absolutely no smoke ring and it is totally dry and flavorless. Any smoke flavor you get when you're eating comes from the sauce, which is a requirement just to choke it down. It's awful! I just ate there today and I really regret dropping my hard earned cash there.

I had fries, beans and cornbread. The fries were fine (how can you screw them up) but the beans were awful (on par with the brisket) and the corn bread was so so. I couldn't even eat all the brisket and the ribs were good, although only because they were very tender. They lacked flavor too.

But to call it a BBQ place and not smoke the meat? That's horrible. They do burn wood there, but it's just to provide ambience. Seriously, that's what the employees told me. I can easily say that my worst performance in the backyard is way better than that place.

Horrible. What's going to save them is that Iowans don't know good 'cue.

Jonah said...

Wow, Dickey's doesn't deserve such scorn. It's funny how people get all up in arms over bbq. I mean, it's bbq!! I don't think there's such a thing as truly bad bbq, and certainly not at Dickey's. It's a favorite in Dallas and elsewhere, especially if you like TX-style bbq (brisket w/ red sauce served separately). Yum!