Sunday, December 10, 2006

BBQ Smoker Plans and BBQ Kits

This smoker was built by Rob Bagby aka "Rub" from Florida. You too can build a smoker. You just need some "how-to" knowledge and a little imagination. The links below should help.

Steel Smoker from Propane Tanks

Welding skills required, but you'll have a portable offset smoker your friends will envy.

Smokehouse Plans

Construct a simple, but effective slow smoking shed.

Refrigerator Smoker

Got an old refrigerator? Turn it into a cold smoker.

Texas Grill

The traditional barrel-style grill.

BBQ Kit from Refractory Materials

A little more money, but real nice barbecues. You'll be the talk of the neighborhood.

BBQ Smoker from Two Barrels

Vertical barrel smoker.

Big Smokey BBQ Pit

Another barrel-style vertical design.

Rich Sterling's Brick BBQ Pit

This is the best of the bunch--especially if you're a brick mason, or know one that works cheap.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the blog on BBQ, very useful!!

M. Zane Grey said...
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RD said...

Thank you for providing the plans for various homebuilt bbq's and smokers, very helpful. I will add a link to your blog at my site. Firewood News blog.

Sylvia said...

My dad has a pit like this and I've been looking into one for my husband.. He is learning how to cook brisket and definitely needs one of these for Christmas! I hope I can find a mega huge crawfish boiler too.

Stock Pots

BBQ Grill Outlet said...

So glad to find your site. Always pleased to connect with another BBQ fan. Lots of great posts here! Keep them coming!

Unknown said...

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