Sunday, May 20, 2007

Parade Magazine's Guide to Outdoor Cooking

This weekend's edition of Parade has several articles about grilling. They call it barbecue, but regular readers of this bbq blog know that they're really referring to grilling. As a reminder and for reference when reading the rest of my post: "Hot and fast" = grilling; and "low and slow" = barbecue.

According to an article titled You Can Grill Anything! by Leslie Pepper, 70% regularly grill hamburgers, 89% marinade steaks prior to cooking, and 47% grill hotdogs. According to the article 56% own a gas grill.

(For the record, I don't own a gas grill and don't plan to buy one. To me, cooking with gas is "cheating" and I really don't think it meets the true definition of "barbecue" or "grilling".)

This same issue of Parade also includes an article by Jeff Foxworthy titled Why Real Men Grill! Among other reasons, Foxworthy points that men like the danger of grilling. "If there's not a chance of calling 911, men don't want to bother cooking it!"

Joanna Prisco shares some tips for preparing potatoes on the grill and bananna's too in her article titled Hot Tips for a Fun Feast.

Sheila Lukins also shares her favorite bbq sauce recipe.

If you haven't picked up your Sunday newspaper yet today or if you didn't read Parade, check it out.

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