Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Brisket Cook

Here's a picture of the brisket we cooked on Sunday. It was taken just before we wrapped it in aluminum foil for the final 2 hours. The internal meat temperature at this point in the cooking process registered 168 degrees.

I've found that wrapping in foil between 165 and 170 degrees helps speed up the cooking process and also helps retain moisture in the meat. I've tried them without foil and didn't like the results.


Basting Away said...

Holly Cow that looks great! I've only done one brisket and it came out OK, not great. You're other post says "packer brisket" not sure what that is and I'm almost positive I haven't seen in the stores around here (New Orleans).

Great site! Lots of useful info.


The BBQ Guy said...

A whole brisket consists of the "point" and the "flat". They usually weight anywhere from 12 to 16 pounds from my butcher shop.

The "flat" is the portion of the brisket with the point trimmed off. If you are buying a brisket weighing less than 9 - 10 pounds, it's probably a "flat".

I use "whole briskets" and sometimes refer to them as "packers". Sorry for the confusion.