Monday, August 27, 2007

BBQ Ribs

Here's some ribs from a test cook we did on Saturday. The ribs were made with two different types of rubs and two types of bbq sauces.

Our favorite included Ole Ray's Apple and Cinnamon sauce with Blues Hog bbq rub. The sweetness of the Ole Ray's sauce combines nicely with the Blues Hog rub.

The ribs were cooked for 3 hours meat side up, wrapped in a honey and dark brown sugar mixture with a little apple juice and then foiled for an hour. I unfoiled and applied finishing sauce for the last 15 minutes. They came out tender and juicy just like I like them.


Chris said...

I've never been a "foiler" until this year when I started cooking spares in addition to loin backs. It may be "cheating" according to some but I have to say it works for me! I might even try it with my loin backs some time soon.

Linda Nilson said...

What kind of ribs did you use? i just picked up some heritage pork ribs from a place called D'Artagnan that are supposed to really tasty.

The BBQ Guy said...

I have cooked both spares and loinbacks, but at home mostly cook loinbacks because there is less waste. By the time I trim the spares down to "St. Louis" cut, I throw too much away.

I buy my ribs at Sam's Club, which is pretty much the standard rib that many teams use in contests and that restaurants use on a daily basis.

Pork from the "heritage" breeds provides some real tasty eating.

Gofty said...

I had some ribs before but the apple and cinnamon was just a dip, I can imagine it as a rub.