Saturday, July 01, 2006

Slow Cooked Chicken

Slow Cooked Chicken:

This recipe is a variation of Ron's Gorgeous Legs that I found on the International Dutch Oven Society web site.

I cook this in a 10" Dutch Oven using charcoal for heat, but it also works well in a larger 12" Dutch Oven or a medium sized crock pot.


8 chicken drumsticks (Thighs will also work well.)
8 small to medium sized potatoes (Large potatoes should be quartered.)
1 can of chicken broth (I use the entire can.)
1 medium onion (Use two if you like a lot of onions.)
1 TBSP poultry seasoning (You may use less if desired, or omit this altogether.)

Heat the dutch oven or crock pot to a high temperature. Add a stick of butter. When butter is melted, add the chicken. In the dutch oven, brown the chicken in the butter until it begins to become crisp. In the crock pot, cook chicken for 45 minutes on high temp turning chicken occasionally. Remove chicken, add the potatoes, chicken broth, poultry seasoning. Place chicken back in the oven/crock pot on top of the potatoes. Spread the onion rings on top of the potatoes and chicken. Continue cooking until the potatoes are done. This could take varying lengths of time, but plan for at least an hour. In the dutch oven I use about 6 briquettes for top heat and 10 for bottom heat.

Potatoes should be cooked to desired tenderness (I like them a little on the mush side) and chicken should be cooked to at least 165 degrees internal temperature when checked with a meat thermometer.

Adding several more fresh briquettes to the lid for the last 15 minutes of cooking will help further darken the chicken to a golden brown color.

If you try this recipe, let me know how it turns out.

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