Sunday, July 30, 2006

Billy Bones BBQ

Yesterday we took a trip to Cabela's in Dundee, MI for some shopping. They were having a tent sale and we picked up a few good deals--the best of which was a wool coat for $30 that normally sells for more than $100. I also brought back some Billy Bones bbq rub and sauce.

I met Billy at the KCBS cook-off at the Cabela's in Dundee a few weeks ago. It turns out that our favorite FBA contest in Arcadia had a Michigan connection. Billy had stopped through Arcadia to vend at the annual rodeo a few years back and shared some of the goings-on with me.

I'm going to try out the rub and sauce a little and see if I can learn something to use in one of my contest entries. I have one that's started lagging behind the others a little and it might be time for an adjustment.

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Anonymous said...

The sauce is OK but not great. Billy Bones may be buddy-buddy with men - not so much with women. Hardly gives 'em the time of day. Very rude on message boards.