Sunday, July 16, 2006

Contest Results - Grand Rapids KCBS

The weather on Friday was pretty good with an occasional breeze and even some clouds for part of the day. We were braced for 100 degree heat, but I think it topped off at about 93 late in the afternoon on Saturday just before the 4 p.m. awards ceremony.

We were some of the lucky teams with cook sites assigned on the ball field--no trees, no electric, no water. It was about a 1/5 mile hike to the ice trailer. I'm glad I only had to make that trip twice. Some shade and enough eletricity to run a fan would have made all the difference, but we enjoyed the cook-off overall.

This picture was taken at the Taste of Grand Rapids at 11 p.m. on Friday night just as the cookers were getting fired up for an evening of contest cooking.

Reserve Champion: Bar-B-Quau

9) Baby Joe's BBQ
8) M&M Barbeque
7) Bad Attitude
6) Bar-B-Quau
5) Heavy Duty Smokers
4) Hot, Smoky and Righteous
3) The Slabs
2) Straight Meat BBQ Boys
1) Hoosier Hogs

10) All Day Smoke
9) Cactus Jack Barbeque
8) Big Creek BBQ
7) Charlie's Smokin' Bar B Q
6) Fat Boy and Bert
4) Bar-B-Quau
3) Down Home BBQ
2) Up in Smoke
1) The Slabs

10) Up in Smoke
9) Extreme Roasters
8) Kre Smokers
7) Doctor Porkenstein
6) Cactus Jacks Barbeque
5) Jerry King Midland, TX
4) Apple Baron BBQ
3) Big Creek BBQ
1) Big Moe's BBQ

10) All Day Smoke
9) Big Moe's BBQ
8) The 3 B's
7) Bar-b-Quau
6) Bad Attitude BBQ
5) Bucky McOinkums Barbecue
4) Buffalo Bros. Team Que
3) Hoosier Hogs
2) Down Home BBQ
1) Donnie's Bar-B-Que Smoke


Curt said...


It was great seeing you and your wife and having a chance to talk for a bit. You're the kind of people that make these comps worthwhile. Nice isn't a good enough word! By the way, I forgot to see how your beans did... I'm betting better than you anticipated!


The BBQ Guy said...

Linda and I enjoyed meeting you as well. We were happy to hear your name during the awards ceremony. I think you're onto something with that new cooker design.

I can take no credit for the beans. Unfortunately they performed as expected....last place.

Linda felt terrible. She didn't understand it was BAKED beans.