Monday, July 17, 2006

Read Any Good BBQ Books Lately?

I haven't read any lately myself but there sure are alot of them available this time of year.

A quick visit to Amazon yielded 101 books on bbq including:

Ray Lampe's "BBQ All Year Long"

Mike Mills' "Peace, Love and Barbecue"

Dottie Griffith's "Celebrating Barbecue"

Sunset Books' "Building Barbecues and Outdoor Kitchens"

If any readers would like to offer more suggestions for the bbq reading list or even a book review of your favorite bbq book, your contributions are welcomed.


Kevin The World Traveler said...

I have read Peace, Love and BBQ and it is a good one for anyone in this port to have. I gre up not far from the area where Mike Mills lives and he knows his stuff. Peopl literally come from miles around to jist "meat" the legend. Anyway it covers a lot of the BBQ mecca's in this country and the folks that were doing this before us not because it was fun but it was how they had to cook to stay alive.

Kevin The World Traveler said...

I have read Peace, Love and BBQ. This is a good book for anyone who loves BBQ and especially for us that devote our weekends to competition. Mike Mills is a legend in the MBA organization and I think the only guy to win MIM 3 times. He has some great tips, stories, and recipes. He also covers BBQ all over the country and the legends that made regional BBQ what it is today.
Well worth the time...comes with me to every contest just in case