Friday, July 21, 2006

Top Ten Indications That You Are Addicted to BBQ

10. At every bbq contest you don't win, you can't wait to get home and try something new so you can do better next time.

9. If you get your name called in a category at a bbq contest, you spend the entire drive home wondering why you didn't get a call in all the other categories.

8. You dream about bbq contests when sleeping.

7. You can't resist the temptation to walk down the bbq aisle at the discount store just to see if something might be on sale that you don't already have.

6. You plan your family vacations around bbq contests.

5. Your wife can't find space for groceries because you've got 9 different types of bbq sauce in the refrigerator.

4. You read every book and magazine article that you can get your hands on that mentions bbq in the title.

3. You stay up late at night scanning the Food Network programs for bbq programs you haven't seen yet.

2. You wake up in the middle of the night and hurriedly find a scratch pad to write down your latest sure-fire bbq recipe idea/technique.

1. Family and friends e-mail pictures of their children, but you e-mail pictures of bbq contest turn-in boxes.

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Rhino said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHH....I'M ADDICTED!!! Why else would I be up since 5:30am on a Saturday cooking for tonight's dinner??? The pork butt and fatties are looking good though!