Monday, July 03, 2006

BBQ Contest

We've had visitors this weekend for the holiday festivities, which gave us the perfect opportunity for some taste tests by folks that don't eat our bbq every day.

Informal taste tests are pretty good ways to test your bbq out prior to competition. You can use different spices, sauces, and techniques and ask for feedback. It works best though with folks that have eaten a lot of bbq though. You probably wouldn't receive the same quality of feedback from folks who are new to eating bbq, or who have only ever eaten "restaurant" bbq.

The true test is to try it out on folks from the "bbq belt" (i.e. southern U.S.) part of the country -- be that Florida, Georgia, the Carolina's, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Tamara and my brother and I would like to enter into some bbq contests. We have old family receipes we think are winners. We live in Sacramento California if you know of any contests we could enter please e-mail me at
Thank you