Sunday, May 28, 2006

Using Honey with Barbecue

Not only does eating local honey provide some excellent health benefits such as immunity to certain types of local allergies, but it's also good with barbecue. Many barbecuers, including yours truly, mix a certain amount of honey into all their bbq sauce recipes.

We're lucky that we know our honey suppliers personally. I encourage anyone that eats honey to get to know the producers and only buy from reputable and verifiable sources. I avoid imported honey or non-local honey because you just never know about the environment the honey was raised in.

Our honey comes from a rural farm in Coffee County, Tennessee. The hives are situated next to fields of clover hay and near a spring fed stream with crystal-clear water.

The picture of my brother-in-law, nephew and his friend working with one of the hives that produce our honey.

Local honey costs more than the imported stuff, but it's worth every penny.

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