Sunday, May 14, 2006

BBQ Contest Countdown

It's Sunday and less than a week to go until we travel to Carmel, Indiana for the Bodacious Blues BBQ Contest. We're going to have a couple of extra teammates this year, which will come in handy and make things a little easier.

Linda is out packing the odds and ends in the bbq trailer and I'm working out some little kinks in the chicken and ribs methodology. It's raining today and we're trying not to track a lot of mud into the house as we run in and out. But, cooking today is most likely good practice for next week. It's been drizzling rain off and on daily for a week accompanied by cloudy, cool, and overcast conditions. We're hoping next weekend will be nice for all the competitors, but if it's not we'll have our rain gear!

I'm currently taking a Production Operations Management course as a part of my MBA curriculum and have been reading a lot lately about "lean" manufacturing techniques and the focus on eliminating waste from production processes. I'm eager to apply some of those techniques to my bbq effort down the road. I'd be willing to bet that a focus on "lean" is a step in the right direction for almost everyone who cooks competively.

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