Tuesday, May 30, 2006

BBQ Brisket

I received an e-mail today from Adam Byrd from Men in Aprons cooking blog.

He's posted a play-by-play of his Memorial Day barbecue brisket effort with descriptions and pictures of the preparations, cooking, and end result.

Compliments to Adam on a job well done. The smoke ring on that thing is remarkable.


Adam said...

I am quite astounded by the smoke ring myself. And those pics are with no photoshop effects either.

Shane said...

What a great blog, I have a website that promotes the same tenets, you can check it out if you like at I plan to link you to my blog and keep reading. Thanks!

The BBQ Guy said...

Hi Shane,

Thanks for the kind words. I visited your website. I like it alot. Thanks for adding my bbq blog link to your site.