Saturday, November 10, 2007

Master's Degree in Barbecue Cooking

Seth Godin wrote an article on his blog last year that has popularized the premise that you can develop the same amount of knowledge by reading 30 - 40 of the best business books, as you can by spending $150,000 and 2-years of your life to earn a traditional classroom MBA.

This Business Week article features a discussion of the Personal MBA, and it's inspired me to develop my own list of the best barbecue books, so you can earn your own Master's Degree in Barbecue Cooking (MDBC).

I will start the list with three of my favorite barbecue books:

...but I need your help.

My personal collection of barbecue books includes nine or ten books about barbecue and grilling. Not all of the books are what I'd describe as "required reading" for a MDBC degree, so I've left those that are less than my favorites off the list.

Please submit your own suggestions for bbq books that you would consider "essential reading" for anyone that is serious about dedicating themselves to learning the art of barbecue cooking by clicking the comments link below .

Suggestions from readers:


Frank said...

A few of my favorites are:
"Legends of Texas Barbecue" by Robb Walsh
"Smokestack Lightning" by Lolis Eric Elie

The BBQ Guy said...

I've been meaning to purchase those books too. Thanks for the suggestions.