Thursday, November 22, 2007

BBQ Catering Worksheet

Mike Trump's bbq catering Excel worksheet has been updated. This worksheet can make you money and save you money on your next catering job. Use the worksheet to calculate the amount of meat to use, to calculate the cost per serving, figure retail cost, and ensure profitability for your next catering event.

It's also useful for family events. How many times have you cooked for family reunions and gatherings and run out of food? How many times have you blown your budget or cooked too much food? This worksheet can help solve those problems too.


Unknown said...

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OakridgeBBQ said...

Hey Brian, just wanted to let you know that my catering worksheet has been moved over to the Illinois BBQ Society website. Here's a link to it:

Unknown said...

Hello everyone! I've been hosting the files that Mike Trump has made available for everyone to use and I've had to change hosting companies. So, some of you have noticed that the download links for the BBQ Catering Workbook, etc. haven't been working. Well, I'm happy to say I've got the files back up and available for you to download again. The new links are below. Thanks for your patience!

BBQ Catering Workbook v3:

BBQ Catering Workbook v3 (Metric):


Brad Trump
Kansas City, MO