Saturday, November 03, 2007

BBQ Blog Digest

Here's a few noteworthy posts from the blogosphere about barbecue:

Serious Eats discusses how to eat out like a local.

"Pull off the highway, engage a local. At the gas station, talk to not only the attendant but to the two or three local people standing at the pumps next to you. Ask them where they like to eat. Make it clear you aren’t looking for a chain—you’re looking for their best local food. Locals know the spots where prices are low, flavors are bold, and where everyone gathers." has a article that rates New York City's best bbq.

"...New York has also experienced an onslaught of barbecue restaurants. Some have been deemed "authentic" by fans; some lack any resemblance to a Texas or Carolina outpost, but make up for it in taste. (And there are some that just plain suck.) "

And last, but not's a bbq video trailer I found on You Tube titled Inside the World of Championship BBQ

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