Friday, November 09, 2007

BBQ Ribs for 750 Guests

Recently I received an inquiry about the feasibility of providing bbq ribs for a group of 750 people. Although I was flattered to be considered for such a large event, I don't have the proper equipment to prepare ribs in such large quantities and decided to decline the opportunity. However, it got me thinking about the possibilities.

If my arithemetic is correct, it takes 2,250 "bones" to serve 750 people (750 servings multiplied by 3 bones each). Each rack of ribs has 13 bones, so 2,250 divided by 13 results in 172 racks of ribs.

I have two medium sized smokers with a total of 11 shelves will hold three racks of ribs each for a total capacity of 33 racks. Cooking ribs in such large quantities calls for a little creativity. Instead of placing the ribs flat on the racks, as is customary, I could triple the smoker capacity by using rib racks and cook 9 racks of ribs on each smoker shelf and raise the overall capacity to 99. But, realistically, to cook ribs for 750 people I would need two more smokers.

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