Saturday, November 10, 2007

BBQ Rib Festival - St. Pete Ribfest

All the way from Australia. The Australian BBQ Team was on hand to show-off their talents and the Australian way to 'que. The team captain, Paul McKay, cooking as the Australian BBQ Team sells the Aussom Aussie line of bbq sauces.

I liked the name "Fat Fred's" the best. I know for sure I would never trust a "Skinny Fred" who sells bbq.
Signage announcing their wins and honors was prevalent at almost every cook team site.

Here's a picture of the grills used to warm up the ribs just prior to serving at the Blazin' Bronco BBQ & Rib Company. All the ribs appeared to be pre-cooked and then sauced and reheated as they were sold later in the day. Double click the picture and take a closer look at the stack of ribs on the table in the rear of this picture. There must have been at least 100 racks of ribs covered in plastic ready for reheating.

Blazin' Bronco BBQ & Rib Company was the most popular team at the event. At one point I counted a line of more than 50 people waiting in line at their booth.

All the way from Spartunburg, S.C., the Rib King was in attendance. The proprietor, Solomon Williams, sells Carolina Rib Sauce at specialty stores throughout the country.

Here's a picture of Boss Hogg's display booth.

A picture of the bbq mid-way at 11 a.m. when things were just cranking up. Later on this alley was a mass of people waiting in line for some barbecue. Prices for ribs ranged from $20 for a full rack, $14 for a half-rack, and $9 for a one-third rack.

Banners, banners, and more banner at the Bibbs & Ribs booth. We had some ribs from this team, which were pretty good overall. The sauce was especially good.

This 1952 Ford long bed truck caught our eye. This F-6 model is a 2-ton with 14,000 GVWR.

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