Thursday, November 30, 2006

BBQ Essay Contest -- Last Chance to Win!

Today is the last day of the barbecue essay contest sponsored by


The winning entry will receive a bottle of The BBQ Guy's prize winning "Southern BBQ Rub" and a bottle of the The BBQ Guy's "Original Spice Rub".

It's not too late to send in your entry for a chance to win!

  • Submit an original article of 500 words or less.
  • Entries may be accompanied by a photograph.
  • All entries will be published on the bbq blog.
  • Entries must be submitted NLT Nov. 30, 2006.
  • Winners will be announced by Dec. 15, 2006.
Here are some thought starters for article topics:

"I like to bbq because..."
"My favorite bbq recipe is...."
"How to bbq...."
"My favorite bbq restaurant is..."

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