Friday, November 17, 2006

BBQ Pork Butts

Tomorrow I'm going to cook up some pork butts, put them in vacuum sealed bags, and freeze for the Thanksgiving holiday gatherings. Pork butts are inexpensive and add something different to family gatherings.

I'm going to try some apple wood instead of usual hickory wood for smoke flavor.

I like inject the butts with about 6 oz of apple juice mixed with about 3 oz of honey, season them with bbq rub, and let them marinate overnight in the refrigerator before cooking. I cook them at 225 to an internal temperature of 194 degrees.

I wrap them in towels and let them rest for a couple hours inside an ice cooler prior to pulling them. The rest period is very important when cooking pork butts. If you've ever tried pulling them when they are fresh from the smoker, I think you'll find the results less desireable than if you let them rest awhile first.

At bbq contests we hold our pork butts for 4 1/2 - 5 hours and they're still so hot (165 degrees or so) when we pull them it almost burns out hands.

BBQ Secrets revealed

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