Thursday, November 02, 2006

Recipe Contests

If you hurry there's still time to enter the Treasured Recipes Contest for a chance to win $10,000. The entry deadline is November 8.

I spend a lot of time planning, practicing and participating in bbq contests for a chance to win $1,200 - $1,500 and hopefully a couple of trophies if I win. I don't do it solely for the chance of winning, but winning certainly helps offset the cost of cookers, charcoal, meat, gasoline, hotels, auto insurance, the trailer to haul our equipment in, and on and on and on.

It appears that my efforts to qualify for the American Royal and Jack Daniels invitational bbq contests these past four or five years have been misguided. I just read about a lady that won $1,000,000 (that's not a typo) in a recipe contest. Let me say it again in case you missed it....SHE WON ONE MILLION a Pillsbury recipe contest.

Anna Ginsberg's recipe for Baked Chicken and Spinach Stuffing earned her the top prize for 2006. Congratulations Anna!

In the Build a Better Burger contest sponsored by Sutter's Home, Camilla Salsbury, earned $50,000 for their version of 'heaven on a bun'.

As a barbecue contest competitor, I'm thrilled to hear my name called at a contest, whether it's for honorable mention, for a ribbon, for a trophy, or if we're fortunate....a small check. And, if I'm fortunate to hear my name in more than one category, I really begin to think I've accomplished something. I think I might faint if I won $1,000,000.

Linda might not like this, because between barbecue, MBA courses, work, my various internet websites, blogs, and attempts to write the great american novel; I don't really have much free time. But, these "contests" are just too good to pass up. I'm going to have to add them to my list of competitive endeavors next year. You never now, maybe I'll be one of the lucky finalists!

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