Friday, November 03, 2006

Late-in-the-Season Barbecue Cookoffs

In many parts of the country it's getting pretty chilly to compete in barbecue contests, but not in Central Texas.

I've been checking out the home page for the Central Texas Barbecue Association this evening and the 2006 Calendar of Events contains contact information about 8 contests scheduled for November including events sanctioned by IBCA and LSBS in Texas with the last one for the season wrapping up on December 3rd in Angleton, TX.

The Florida Barbecue Association is sanctioning a contest on December 8th in Starke, FL.

The Lone Star Barbeuce Society is another barbecue sanctioning organization that still has a few events remaining on their 2006 calendar with events in Crowell and Rowlett, TX scheduled for November 10th and 17th, respectively.

I'm definitely jealous.

Since the snow has started flying in my neck of the woods this week, I guess I'll have to get my bbq contest fix via the Internet until next spring.


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