Friday, December 01, 2006

Hallmark BBQ Grill Christmas Ornament

How many bbq enthusiasts do you know who have a separate Christmas tree devoted strictly to bbq ornaments? Oh, you say you don't know anyone....well, now you do. Linda and I have a small tree that is loaded with bbq ornaments.

The picture above is our latest addition to the collection. This Hallmark Keepsake "Oh, What a Grill" ornament also includes a Christmas poem on the back of the box. I don't know who originally wrote the poem, but in keeping with the spirit of the season I thought I'd include it here.

Oh, What a Grill!

You gotta have passion!

You gotta have heart!

You gotta have turners
and tongs for the meat.

You gotta have marinade,
skewers, and skill.

You gotta have love
for the power of the grill!

And might I've gotta have some barbecue rub from to top it all off.

BBQ Secrets!

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