Thursday, October 19, 2006

IBCA Blues and Que BBQ Contest in Alabama

The IBCA is sanctioning a bbq contest in Greenville, AL on October 28. Having only cooked in KCBS and FBA bbq contests in my competition career to this point, I found it interesting that in this IBCA event, cooks are allowed to cook their bbq meats with sauce, but after the cooking is done, cooks are not allowed to sauce the meat prior to turn-in. Now that's an interesting idea. It definitely adds an element of difficulty to the mix for teams that have only cooked in KCBS and FBA.

Anybody cooked an IBCA contest and want to share the experience? I'd like to publish an article here on the blog that compares and contrasts the considerations cook teams must take knowing that you can't sauce just prior to turn-in.

Any would be guest posters reading this that would like to share their views?

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