Friday, October 06, 2006

American Royal Invitational BBQ Contest

Linda and I had the chance to travel to the American Royal a couple years ago and visit the country's largest bbq spectacle. It's the biggest bbq contest I've ever seen. In fact, it's so big, it's almost too big.

We decided it's the kind of experience that bbq enthusiasts ought to make sure they do once or twice in their life times just to experience it and understand the mania of it all. Of course if we qualify for the Invitational at some point, I'm sure we'll make the trip.

The year we visited, our friends (Invitational and Open), Weapons of Mass BBQing (Invitational and Open), and Smoke & Spice (Open) made the trip from Florida to compete.

Smoke & Spice qualified for the Invitational this year. It's amazing to see the progress they've made in two short years of bbq competition. They are a bonafide threat to win any contest they enter this year. Way to go Mark!

This year's' Invitational finished earlier today. I hear tell that the top three are as follows:

1. Lotta Bull
2. Smokin Clones
3. Boys From Tornado Alley

I'm sure you can find the full results later next week on the KCBS web site.

Here's a couple of articles about the American Royal festivities:

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