Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cooking Up a Story

After 25 years in television news Rebecca Gerendasy has turned her keyboard and photojournalist eye for heartwarming and informative news stories into Cooking Up a Story, a website about ordinary people whose lives intersect with food.

One of my favorite pieces Rebecca has done recently is a short film about Dutch Oven Gatherings (D.O.G. for short). I received a 10 inch Lodge dutch oven as a gift a couple years ago and have enjoyed learning to cook with it.

Last year my brother-in-law and did our own version of the D.O.G. at my in-laws house in Tennessee and this year we're hoping to add some more cooks to the mix. Half-for-fun and half-laid-back-compeititon, we contrived some pretty tastey supper dishes.

This year (to borrow from Emeril Legassee), I'm going to have to "kick it up a notch". Last year my brother-in-law wowed the judges with an upside down pineapple cake and squirrel stew, but I've got some surprises in store this time around.

Who are the benefactors in these D.O.G events you ask? The dinner guests, or course.

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