Thursday, October 12, 2006

Next Year's BBQ Contest Schedule

The American Royal has come and gone; the Jack Daniels is drawing near and Kell Phelps' brainchild, The Best of the Best, is fast approaching. I'm envious of those that qualify for the invitationals at these three events because it signifies the dedication, hard work, and consistency achieved by the participants who are fortunate enough to have qualified for the right to compete.

We had our first snow flurries here in Michigan today and as depressing as that may sound to those readers visiting this blog from the Sun Belt, I've found the perfect solution to overcome the "1st Day of Winter Weather Blues".....plan for bbq contests next year.

I've got my eye on one or two "musts" and a few "probablys" with a "maybe" thrown in here and there. Planning next year's events is fun. I almost always have bigger intentions than my budget and free time allow, but I always enjoy planning out my bbq contest wish list.

Right now it's hard to know for sure which contests will and which ones won't be held again next year, but here's the list as it stands right now:

Madison, IN
Silver Lake, MI
Grand Rapids, MI

If you know of other events in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, or Ohio that I should consider, feel free to post them here.

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