Saturday, October 28, 2006

Better Barbecue Series: Day 16, Presentation

In the interest of sharing my experience with others who may be thinking about entering bbq contests, I thought I'd post a picture of what to avoid when preparing a rib turn-in box. This box is an excellent example of how poor presentation can affect the scores judges give you on your turn-in samples.

These ribs tasted very good and were probably some of the best ribs we've ever turned in at a contest. Unfortunately though, the ribs themselves were bigger loin backs than we usually like, but when buying cryovac ribs sometimes you just don't what you're getting until you cut them open.

To make matters worse, I got in a hurry when preparing the box for the judges and the ribs are uneven in the box. The lettuce was very crisp and "green", but the best looking lettuce in the world cannot makeup for poor rib selection.

In this case I think we'd have done better to turn-in only six samples and to attempt to make them as close the same size as possible. Normally I like to turn-in more than the required number (six in KCBS events) and usually turn-in eight ribs, but I think this box is an example of a "less is more" scenario.

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