Sunday, June 25, 2006

Better Barbecue Series: #15, Crispy Chicken Skin

It's hard to tell from the picture, but this chicken turned out very well. I've been on a quest for "bite through" chicken skin and finally found it today.

To recap the "quest" for those that haven't been following along, might be new to the blog, or who just stumbled onto my blog via a link from another barbecue web page, I've tried a lot of different methods for cooking chicken this summer.

I've tried low-and-slow, hot-and-fast, low-and-slow followed by hot-and-fast, brining with low-and-slow, brining with hot-and-fast, spraying with applie juice, spraying with lemon juice, and on and on and on. Just when I thought I'd tried everything, I hit on the answer this afternoon: grilled chicken followed by low-and-slow. It was magical.

Bite Through Chicken Skin:

I grilled the chicken the chicken on a medium hot grill for 3-minutes on each side, then I grilled an additional 2-minutes on each side.

Put the chicken in preheated Backwoods Smoker at 225 degrees for 30 minutes and then opened the draft and let the cooker temperature climb for 30 minutes.

I sauced the chicken after an hour in the Backwoods and the meat temperature was 177 degrees, which is a little hotter than I normally cook chicken, but the results were very, very good. The skin was bite through and not rubbery at all.

I think I've found my new method for chicken. It took a while, but you know what they say...."Good things come to those that wait." I guess that goes for chicken too.

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