Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Barbecue Digest

Here's a few bbq new articles you might be interested in.

Virginia Barbecue
I wrote an article a few weeks ago about Virginia Barbecue and the franchise by the same name. included an article on this low cost bbq franchise concept today.

Bone Daddy's at the Mill BBQ
This Saginaw, MI restaurant features bbq and live entertainment.

Above Average BBQ
Mackie Hayes, owner, sells bbq from his barbecue chuck wagon. For Mackie, it's a family tradition.

Doc's Q'in Pit Stop
This Modesto, CA restaurant uses almond wood for their bbq.

British BBQ Invasion at Jack Daniels Cookoff
American-style barbecue receives some international recognition.


Chris said...

I haven't been to Bone Daddy's but I have used Billy Bone's rubs (Original, Competition, & Beef Master) and his Original Sauce. Good stuff, so I imagine the food at his joint would be great.

He has a new rub, Incredible Cherry Cherry (not on his website yet), under development and he's giving free samples with orders. I used it on a pork loin smoked w/ apple wood this weekend and my parents, in-laws, and family all loved it.

The BBQ Guy said...

I met "Billy Bones" in Dundee, MI at the Cabela's bbq event a couple years ago. He's a great guy and will talk about bbq for hours if you're up for it.

He competed on the ribfest circuit for a few decades and is a master at serving the most people in the shortest amount of time at large catering events and festivals.

Mr. Wall also wrote a regular column in The Barbecue News for several years.

Things That Come To Mind said...

I am looking for information on the construction of BBQ's before I make a big investment in a backyard BBQ. I am new to the BBQ and remember my grandfather smoking certain things. I realize that they are two different things and I would like to incorporate both of them in the instilation. I am looking for a mason to properly install a BBQ and was wondering if anyone has information on BBQ's and installed Smokers.